Google’s Pixel 8 event set for October 4

Google has announced its annual hardware event, set for October 4 in New York City. The event is expected to unveil the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, following the recent Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold releases. Google may also reveal the Pixel Watch 2, building on the success of its first wearable device. The Pixel smartphone line has been evolving positively since the Pixel 6 launch in 2021, with design improvements and the introduction of the Tensor chip. Leaks suggest the Pixel 8 will continue this trend. Additionally, there's speculation about updates to Google's Nest/Home products to enhance its smart home offerings. The event will be livestreamed on YouTube, and our team will provide detailed coverage.

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Google’s Pixel 8 event set for October 4

Google’s Pixel 8 event set for October 4

Google's highly anticipated annual hardware showcase, the Made by Google event, has been officially scheduled for October 4 in the bustling metropolis of New York City. This event promises to be a momentous occasion as it is expected to unveil the tech giant's latest flagship smartphones, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, building upon the momentum generated by the preceding Pixel 7a release and the groundbreaking Pixel Fold, which marked Google's foray into the foldable smartphone arena during its I/O conference.

Notably, this event is more than just a smartphone showcase. Google is poised to expand its product portfolio, likely featuring the second iteration of its Pixel Watch, aptly named the Pixel Watch 2. The inaugural Pixel Watch received mixed reviews but ultimately represented Google's earnest entry into the world of Wear OS devices, with the acquisition of Fitbit in 2019 playing a pivotal role in enhancing its capabilities.

The Pixel smartphone series, after a somewhat tumultuous initiation, has been steadily evolving since the game-changing release of the Pixel 6 in 2021. This marked a significant transformation, characterized by a premium redesign, enhanced camera optics, and the introduction of Google's in-house Tensor chip. Early leaks have already begun to surface, tantalizing tech enthusiasts with glimpses of the Pixel 8, which bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the Pixel 7. Moreover, rumors suggest that the Tensor G3 chip powering this device will boast an impressive nine cores and be constructed on the Arm Immortalis architecture.

Beyond the realm of smartphones and wearables, it appears that Google may seize the opportunity to rejuvenate its Nest and Home product lines. Notably, these offerings have seen relatively few meaningful updates in recent times, sparking speculation that Google might prioritize revitalizing its smart home ecosystem during this event.

Scheduled to commence at 10 AM Eastern Time, this momentous occasion will be accessible to a global audience through a livestream on YouTube. As always, our team will be on-site to provide firsthand coverage of this exciting event, ensuring that our readers stay well-informed about the latest innovations from Google.